Selected Published Poems

“Enlarging Minimal Art,” Denver Quarterly 42.2 (2008).
“Pendulum,” The Hat 7 (2007).
“The Inexpressible, Served Warm,” “Postures of Belief,” La Fovea (2007).
“Late Light Allows Us To Begin,” “Recognition at Spanish Moss Farm,” Jumps 1 (2007).
The Night of the Pivot,” “Heading South,” “Yawning Gulf,” Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art 1 (2006).
Poem Beginning With A Line By George W. Bush,” Mississippi Review (Fall 2004).
“It Was Always November There,” Conduit (2003).
“Some Steam in Me,” Goodfoot (Winter 2003).
“Simmering,” Can We Have Our Ball Back (September 2002).
“Letter Begun at 4:37 a.m.,” “The General Happiness,” “Three Changes on the Face of Things,” “Open Space,” CrossConnect (February 2002).
“Wicker Frame,” Gulf Coast (Winter/Spring 2002).
“North Dakota is Everywhere,” Western Humanities Review (Spring 2002).
“Magpies Pelting the Hague,” Café Review (Fall 2000).
“A Week Before…, “Sketch: Roof of the Metropolitan,” Notre Dame Review (Summer 2000).
“Illusions of 2:25 P. M.,” North American Review (May/August 2000).
“Stand Clear the Closing Doors,” Ribot (Fall 1998).
“Garden of Fourteen Paths,” “L’Art de Vivre,” Verse 14.1 (Spring 1997).
“Your Mind Can Move Faster,” Brooklyn Review 13 (Winter 1996).


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